Located in the quaint city of Port Moody, 45 minutes from Vancouver BC, Unmediocre General Store is a thoughtful gift shop, a premium tea shop, a pretty stationery store, and an eco-friendly refillery all under one roof.

A few steps away at the Unmediocre Kitchen Store, you’ll find quality cookware, bakeware, kitchen tools and pantry items for your everyday needs.

Inside Unmediocre General Store at Newport Village in Port Moody
General Store
229 Newport Drive,
Port Moody BC
V3H 5C9 Canada
(604) 492-0101
Inside Unmediocre Kitchen Store at Newport Village in Port Moody
Kitchen Store
262 Newport Drive,
Port Moody BC
V3H 5B9 Canada
(604) 492-0101
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Liquid Dish Soap 2 x Concentration
from $10.00
Organic Shampoo
from $14.00
Hand Soap
from $10.00
Routine Deodorant
from $29.00
Organic Conditioner
from $14.00


Shopping is joyful when the things you buy are good.

We choose exceptional household products and small gifts with an ethical, environmentally conscious story.

Quality and durable craftsmanship.

Locally-made where possible. 

If you choose Un, then you’ve found your tribe. 

From our customers

You are worth the drive!

You have EXACTLY my taste...I love kitchen stuff, gift stuff...all the good stuff... I will be back!

p.s. My steak was awesome with the steak spice, that Mexican Vanilla is to die for with my chai tea...the measuring cups are traditional and great...pot holders...just my kind in the blue...I did the pie slice puzzle...and had a bit of tea...all of it Unmediocre!

North Vancouver

It's such a relief to know that if I need new products I can just go to your store and pick anything up, knowing it will be aligned with my values.


Your store is unique in so many ways... you have the perfect mix of items and whenever I need a gift your store is always the first place I go because I know I will find something beautiful, locally-made and special.


Your store is very welcoming, your staff is friendly and well-informed about the products. I like that I'm supporting a family business, and that you are passionate about what you do.