About us

Julie & Ron's founder story

Our journey started in 2012 when we decided to bring some of the cool stuff we’d seen in Europe home to Port Moody. We started with a specialty tea shop, bringing in really good, quality teas from all over the world. For the first few years, we were figuring out what people wanted to see from us. Customers said that in addition to tea, they were interested in stationery items, soaps, greeting cards, and notebooks. Our offering grew as people shared ideas and we listened. (This is where the idea for the refillery came from!)

On a foundation of uncompromising service, we created a modern, beautiful space that smells great, and has lots of colour and selection. We also discovered that our customers want to shop with their values. And we were delighted that their values mesh with ours! Our focus became sourcing unique quality products with a story that fits with our shared values.

In 2021 we opened the kitchen store to be able to offer even more quality products to our Port Moody community.