Over the years, a journey that began with specialty teas evolved with feedback from you, the community who made our store your own.

Pretty greeting cards and journals grew into the kitchen items and soap refills that became a philosophy. Together we bring Un to life in shared ideas, friendship, and unique items that stir the imagination and touch the Earth lightly. Welcome to the Unmovement.


Giving back is an important part of Un. Each year we donate our time and a percentage of sales to local organizations such as Port Moody Ecological Society, Black Lives Matter Vancouver, Tri-Cities Share Family & Community Services, and Indigenous Feast Boxes.


We foresee a future where:

  • Sustainability and ethics are part of all our consumer choices.
  • People don’t have to travel far to get to the good stuff (it’s in your neighbourhood).
  • Profits stay in the community and support worthwhile initiatives.


We make shopping joyful by curating unique and useful quality products that align with our values.


We believe in:

Sourcing quality products that align with our values.

Always evolving and improving what we do.

Providing a positive experience for our employees and customers.

Giving back by supporting local artisans and organizations in our community.