We pre-fill liquid bulk items (such as soaps, shampoo, cleaners, etc...) in mason jars. The price of refills in jars includes a refundable deposit fee of $1.50. When you bring back the mason jar (clean & dry), we give you the deposit back.  We will sanitize & refill the jars over and over again.  We can only accept the jars we provide.

- Routine Deodorant refills: please bring back your  original Routine glass jar, empty, clean & dry.  We'll refill it on the spot.

Q. Can I bring my own container to refill? 
A.  We only use our own refilled mason jars now. It's a safe and easy way to re-use containers and reduce the amount of single use plastic that ends up the landfill and ocean.  

Q: I have a clean empty jar of Routine Deodorant.  Do I need to refill it with the same scent or can I pick a different one?

A: You can get any scent refilled in your Routine jar!  We get it - sometimes it's nice to try something new! 


Q: Is it ok if there is a bit of product left in the jar?

A: Please note that we can only accept jars that are empty, clean & dry.  

Q. Will you ever go back to refilling our own containers?

A. We put a lot of thought behind this question.  Refilling is a central part of our business and values.  We had to come up with a new way of refilling, and we are really happy with it and so are our customers.  It's quicker and you can also order refills online. We will keep this system in place from now on.