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Brand & Iron

Brand & Iron Candles

Brand & Iron Candles

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A classy look and a divine smell.

These clean-burning, sustainable, all-natural soy candles are poured in small batches in a Vancouver studio. No additives or harmful ingredients. Phthalate and petroleum free. 8 relaxing scents, for you or for a friend.

9 oz container

Candle burn time: 50+ hours.

Sweet Balsam: 

Comforting notes of balsam and evergreen with sweet highlights of vanilla.

Spruce + Amber: 

A scent with universal appeal combining the deepness of rich spruce with musky amber, while sage and citrus brightness chime in to tie it all together.

Tobacco + Vanilla:

A warm and aromatic blend of charred tobacco leaves, smooth vanilla, with an intriguing spice finish.

Oak + Moss:

Earthy green moss keeps time with subtle cedarwood in this refreshing, woodsy scent. 

Rose + Citrus: 

A fresh, energizing blend of mandarin and grapefruit with French rose and a light touch of bergamot.

Sandalwood + Lavender: 

A calm and cleansing scent with a woodsy base of sandalwood, patchouli, and a bright lavender finish.

Yuzu + Birch: 

A sophisticated blend of citrus yuzu, pine and crisp white birch.

Jasmine + Vetiver: 

A complex scent highlighted by the lightness of night blossoming jasmine and deep tones of vetiver.


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