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Smoking Gun Coffee

Show Pony Espresso

Show Pony Espresso

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 Show Pony Espresso Blend captures what we believe: coffee for all. It's hard to make something everyone will love, but this blend of beans from Honduras, Colombia and Ethiopia sure comes close. 

It has classic chocolatey notes that most of us look for in coffee, but it also has nice bright and pleasant acidity to provide balance and some extra intrigue. It's a part of our core line-up and if you've ever visited our cafe, it's what we use on our espresso bar. It also makes a very pleasant pour over or drip coffee as well. It truly is the perfect all-arounder. 

ORIGINS: Honduras, Colombia, Ethiopia


NOTES: Rich Chocolate, Creamy Caramel, Tangerine.

Available in 340g bag of whole bean coffee.

This was designed to be served as espresso, but it also makes a satisfying and robust drip coffee

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