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Dick Taylor

Dick Taylor Chocolate

Dick Taylor Chocolate

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Hazelnut Milk Chocolate

Delicately roasted Oregon hazelnuts have been paired with our exceptional milk chocolate made from earthy Brazilian cacao and old-fashioned, A2/A2 whole milk from Alexandre Family Farm. This dreamy milk chocolate features minimal ingredients with 55% cacao content. Origin: Brazil, Fazenda Camboa 

Vanilla Milk Chocolate

Starting with the highest quality Brazilian cacao and the best old-fashioned organic A2/A2 whole milk from Alexandre Family Farm, we have created a deliciously creamy 55% milk chocolate highlighted by the very special addition of organic Madagascan vanilla beans. This dreamy milk chocolate features minimal ingredients with 55% cacao content. Origin: Brazil, Fazenda Camboa.

72% Belize, Toledo Dark Chocolate

From the Toledo District in southern Belize comes an exceptional cacao! Maya Mountain Cacao is a small co-op that has been working with local Mayan farmers to improve not only the quality of the cacao they farm but also their quality of life. This award-winning bar is wonderfully nuanced and full of floral and dried fruit notes. Tasting Notes: Dried Plum/Tart Cherry/Jasmine. Origin: Maya Mountain Cacao Co-op.

72% Madagascar, Sambirano Dark Chocolate

The cacao from Bertil Akesson’s plantation in the Sambirano Valley of Madagascar is hands down some of the best and most consistent in the world. Classic citrus notes are balanced with notes of fruit and nut. This chocolate continues to improve and challenge our palates batch after batch! Tasting Notes: Molasses/Orange/Raisin & Toast. Origin: Single-Estate Akesson Plantation.  

Black Fig 72% Dark Chocolate

We use California dried black mission figs to add a rich flavor and chewy texture to our fruity 72% Madagascar dark chocolate. This award-winning bar is sure to please everyone! Origin: Single-Estate Akesson Plantation. 

Fleur De Sel 73% Dark Chocolate

We pair Guatemalan sea salt with 73% Northerner Blend dark chocolate to create our Fleur de Sel bar. The sea salt is hand-harvested by Bitterman Salt Co. and lends a subtle and delicate flavor to our balanced blend of Madagascar and Brazil cacao. This bar is a classic that all chocolate lovers will adore! Origin: Fazenda Camboa & Akesson Plantation. 

Brown Butter w/ Nibs & Sea Salt 73% Dark Chocolate

Browned butter from local Humboldt Creamery, is blended to perfection with 73% Northerner dark chocolate. Each bar is finished by hand with roasted cacao nibs and sea salt to create the dreamiest of textures, both creamy and crunchy. Origin: Fazenda Camboa & Akesson Plantation.   

Sightglass Espresso 68% Dark Chocolate

Working with Sightglass Coffee Roasters, a specialty coffee company recognized for their intense focus on quality, we created an exclusive chocolate blend to highlight their exceptional espresso. We refine a hefty dose of Owl’s Howl Espresso into the chocolate, creating a silky smooth balanced chocolate with a strong espresso punch!

Ginger Snap Milk Chocolate

This bar features a rich 55% Brazil Milk Chocolate made with A2/A2 whole milk and ginger snap cookie bits from Bunches & Bunches. Crunchy, sweet, warm and spicy, this is a bar you can enjoy all winter long! 

Blackberry Bergamot 65% Belize

Sweet, dried blackberries and a hint of bergamot oil are mixed into their silky 65% dark chocolate from Belize. The blend of bergamot and berries creates a perfect balance of citrus and floral notes, complimenting the lightness of this chocolate. Ingredients: cacao*, cane sugar*, dried blackberries*, cocoa butter*, bergamot oil *Organic (cacao solids 65% minimum)

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