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Line Peppermill 18cm

Line Peppermill 18cm

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The iridescent colour of the aluminum body perfectly matches the subtly metallic graphite tone of the wooden top. The pepper mill is manufactured in France and reflects Peugeot's expertise: the steel mechanism is specially engineered for grinding pepper and comes with a lifetime warranty, while the button offers a simple and effective way of adjusting the grind setting (the tighter the button is screwed, the finer the pepper grind).
This pepper mill is ideally suited to the table and is available in Aluminium as well as carbon so you can create a contrasting two-tone effect with the Line salt mill or a perfect matching pair.

- Made in France
- Wood sourced from French PEFC-certified forests
- Mechanism comes with a lifetime warranty
- Five-year warranty for the pepper mill
- For grinding black, white, green, red and pink peppercorns (up to 15% in a blend) as well as coriander seeds
- Grind adjustment button: the tighter it is screwed, the finer the grind and vice versa
- Ready to use with peppercorns included

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