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Small-batch, real ingredients, great taste.

Cocktail Bitters are the spice rack of cocktail making - with the ability to heighten certain flavors in spirits and mixers, while also softening others. They have the power to bring disparate flavors into harmony. Use them generously in cocktails, in place of extracts like vanilla in baking, and much more.

Aromatic Bitters

These bitters are full of baking spices like ginger, cinnamon, and allspice to bring out the spice in a rye-based whiskey and balanced with an earthy bitterness that will make your drinks more interesting. Goes great with darker spirits like aged rums, bourbon, and whiskey. We also recommend you try them in any recipe that calls for aromatic bitters or Angostura.

Cardamom Bitters

To some our Cardamom Bitters remind them of Christmas spice cookies, but others think of garam masala or lamb skewers. They are as much savory as they are sweet and that’s why they’re so fun. Goes best with, well all spirits honestly, from gin and tequila to rum and bourbon, amaros even. Put it to the test and tell us what you think.

Grapefruit Bitters

We’ve highlighted the floral notes of grapefruit with the addition of hops and then balanced that out with earthy ginger, and rich honey. Grapefruit Bitters are our only bitters sweetened with honey. Goes great with gin, vodka, and tequila as well as wine spritzers, champagne cocktails, and floral aperitifs like Lillet, St. Germain, or classic dry vermouth.


Orange Bitters

Packed full of fresh navel orange peel, about one orange per bottle, keep the baking spices subtle and on the earthy side, and add earl grey tea for an unexpected floral note. Goes as well with whiskey as it does gin and everything in between. Make your Margarita richer, your Old Fashioned more playful, or your Martini a standout.


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