Secrid Wallet

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    3 Reasons You'll Love Secrid:

    ✨ Small in size and large in storage capacity = the best of both worlds

    ✨ The original card protector protects against bending, breaking and unwanted wireless communication.

    ✨ Made with great care for quality, people and the environment. Ethically made. Designed to last.

    4 products
    Secrid Accessories Stitch Linea Carmello Secrid Mini Wallet
    Secrid Accessories Metallic Rose Secrid Mini Wallet
    Secrid Mini Wallet
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    Secrid Accessories Original Black Secrid Slim Wallet
    Secrid Accessories Dutch Martin Olive Secrid Slim Wallet
    Secrid Slim Wallet
    from $100.00
    Secrid Accessories Original Black Secrid Twin Wallet
    Secrid Accessories Vintage Cognac Silver Secrid Twin Wallet
    Secrid Twin Wallet
    Secrid Coin Pocket accessory