Mint - An Unmediocre Supplier Spotlight

Mint - natural cleaning products at Unmediocre at Port Moody BC

Our newest and arguably most popular product line for natural cleaning has hit the shelves in the General Store (and subsequently been flying back off them). Mint cleaning products combine non toxic and eco friendly ingredients that are tough on grease and grime for an effective clean in all areas of the home. 

We love Mint products for their clean, vegan friendly philosophy and the fact that they’re a Canadian made and a female owned business. What’s not to love? The product scents usually are a combination of essential oils like rosemary, lavender and of course- Mint. 

Mint was conceived in Ucluelet by two best friends who were tired of using toxic, harmful chemicals to clean. The products were used successfully for both residential and commercial cleans so we know that they provide an effective clean whilst being safe for everyday use in our own homes. 

If you haven’t yet, be sure to try the Mint products soon. Staff favourites include the all purpose cleaner, fabric softener and window cleaner

Mint cleaning products are non toxic and effective, that’s an Unmediocre clean.

Mint Cleaning Products Essential Kitchen Bundle