Easy Zero Waste Swaps That Will Keep You Healthy and Save You Money

Easy Zero Waste Swaps

Working toward zero waste doesn’t need to be expensive or complicated. Like other things in life, aim for progress not perfection.

Here are some simple swaps to get you started…

  • Dental floss is another swap that you can easily make to reduce waste. Choose from biodegradable and vegan friendly options like this and this.
  • By now, most of us have ditched single-use plastic bags. These reusable Baggu bags come in a rainbow of designs and colours to brighten your day.
  • When it comes to your daily coffee, why not choose a pour over with a reusable coffee filter or a french press instead of single-serve coffee pods, which create unnecessary costs and waste.
  • Speaking of coffee, bring your own reusable coffee mug over disposable paper cups, which have a plastic lining inside. This double-walled Kinto tumbler is a work of art and keeps your coffee hot for hours.
  • When shopping for pantry essentials, shop in bulk with your own containers!


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