Pistachios - Raw, Shelled

Westpoint Naturals Food Items Pistachios - Raw, Shelled

Pistachios - Raw, Shelled

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Pistachios have a delicate, subtle taste that complements sweet and savoury dishes. These pistachios have had their hard shell removed, leaving the characteristically green nut behind. The pistachio tree is, by nature, a drought-resistant plant that originated in the middle east, but precise applications of water at particular times in its growth cycle are critical to producing perfect pistachios. Growers work closely with university researchers, irrigation specialists, and University of California Cooperative Extension farm advisors to adopt the most progressive water management technology and irrigation programs in the world. Water used on pistachio farms is often recycled, not only for plant operations and tree nutrition, but to support wildlife and diverse habitat on farms and lands adjacent to pistachio orchards.

Gluten Free




Ready to eat as a snack or use in recipes. Pistachios are commonly used in ice cream, cookies, cakes, and other baked goods.


Contains: Pistachios


Westpoint Naturals (Vancouver)

Price per 250ml (1 cup)
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