Goji Berries - Organic

Goji Berries - Organic

Goji Berries - Organic

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Known for their sweet, slightly sour flavour and vibrant red hue, goji berries are tiny red fruits packed with antioxidants and potent medicinal properties. They’re not only great for adding a pop of colour to your plate but also delicious and full of flavour.



Goji Berries


They can be easily swapped for other dried fruits in cereal, yogurt, trail mix, and granola. You can also add to baked goods like cookies, muffins, brownies, and bread. To soften and rehydrate them, try soaking dried goji berries for a few minutes. Rehydrated goji berries make a great addition to salsas, smoothies, soups, and stir-fries. Even a small serving of this fruit is loaded with fibre, iron, and vitamins A and C


Westpoint Naturals (Vancouver)

Price per 250ml (1 cup)
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