Classic Mala Necklace

Salt + Sage Jewelry Black Onyx + Sunstone Classic Mala Necklace
Salt + Sage Jewelry Rhodonite + Moonstone Classic Mala Necklace
Salt + Sage Jewelry Rhodonitite Classic Mala Necklace
Salt + Sage Jewelry Sunstone Classic Mala Necklace
Salt + Sage Jewelry Moonstone Classic Mala Necklace
Salt + Sage Jewelry Lilac, Jasper + Phosphosiderite Classic Mala Necklace
Classic Mala Necklace

Classic Mala Necklace

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Black Onyx has been called the warrior stone, as it promotes a sense of courage and strength. It helps with grounding, controlling and eliminating excess and/or unwanted energies. It can assist with challenges in life by increasing emotional and physical stamina. 

Sunstone is a stone of leadership, power, freedom and expensive consciousness. It brings the warmth of the sun to life. It is known to encourage mental clarity, abundance, independence and originality. It is a sacral chakra stone that carries effervescent energy, sensuality and confidence.

Rhodonite is a stone of grace and compassion. It has a strong heart based energy and can help to bring about emotional healing and release energy blockages to the heart chakra. It is also known to promote inner growth while helping one to discover greater self-love.

 Moonstone is connected to the divine feminine energy as well as the cycles of the moon. This is a sensual and creative stone that brings calm, peace and balance. It has long been touted as the travellers stone, especially for those who travel by night as it is said to hold the light of the moon to guide the wearer on their journey.

Lilac Jasper is a nurturing crown chakra stone that provides peace of mind as well as protection. It is known as a stress relieving stone that stimulates positivity and divine synchronicity in all areas of life. The stone is known to increase overall feelings of wholeness and serenity. Phosphosiderite is an extremely calming and gentle stone that can act as a sleep aid or worry stone. It is also a healing stone that helps to balance energy in the body and bring clarity to one’s own spiritual path. It is said to allow you to connect to your soul, facilitating a strong connection to our deepest selves and what bets serves our highest purpose. 

These malas are made with 6mm semi precious gemstone beads strung on a silk cord.


*All gemstones are earthly treasures, and are therefore one of a kind. Pieces will always have slight variations in the stones that will be different from the picture.


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